Pastoral Call Committee

Call Committee Team

It is a privilege and a holy responsibility to serve on a Call Committee.

All who serve should be committed to:

  1. Praying together and seeking God’s guidance.
  2. Discussing and discerning frankly and collaboratively with one another.
  3. Keeping in mind the wholeness of the congregation’s ministry, mission and vision, and not just one or two constituencies.
  4. Being open to considering carefully all pastoral candidates.
  5. Being conscious and supportive of the present and future mission priorities and needs of Cross of Christ.
  6. Develop a process to guide the Committee’s work including:
    1. Ground rules to guide the group’s functioning
    2. Discussion of a process regarding second interviews, Plan B, information to be shared with the congregation along the way, etc.
    3. Confidentiality, mutual respect, integrity, speaking the truth in love
  7. Familiarity with pastoral roles and responsibilities (or commitment to put in the time and effort to learn about these)
  8. Able to make a 5-7+ month commitment to the work of the Committee
  9. Able to commit to a minimum of two meetings monthly
  10. Ability to understand and honor the ethic of professional confidentiality


Meet our Call Committee

Call Committee Chair
Nancy McNally

Adam Dittmer
Adam Dittmer

Brandon Hipp

Kurt Headrick
Barb Morey
Kathleen Briscoe
Kathleen Briscoe

Congregational President
Vic Ramey
Non-Voting Member

Emma Strong
Youth Representative
Non-Voting Member

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