Building Our Ministries

We are blessed at Cross of Christ to have multiple generations in our congregation, and each of these generations has the opportunity to learn from one another and grow in Christ with one another.  This is vital to the church as we know that faith is passed from generation to generation.

In Building our Ministries, crating new ministries and expanding existing ministries, we play an active role in Building God’s Kingdom for all generations.

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Building Our Congregation

As Lutherans, we often quietly outreach into our community.  We do these things not for our own glory but for the love of Christ.  This year we want to focus on sharing Cross of Christ with the larger community.  We believe that Building our Congregation – investing in ongoing Stewardship, promoting Cross of Christ, and expanding worship opportunities – we can grow Cross of Christ, and continue to Build God’s Kingdom.

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Building our Home

We’ve all heard the saying “Home is where the heart is,” and our church home – this building- is the heart of all we do.  Not because it’s a building, but because of the work people do together here, the engagement we have with one another, and the ability to welcome others from our community.

In the coming year, increased giving will be needed to keep our Home functioning at peak performance and help us in Building God’s  Kingdom by providing a place for both our church activities and for activities in our community.

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2018 Statement of Intent