Small Group Guidelines & Ground Rules

We are grateful and thankful for your interest in joining a Small Group.  Below are our Small Group guidelines and ground rules.

The Small Group Ministry at Cross of Christ is guided by five Ground Rules.  These Ground Rules give structure and guidelines for each Small Group.  In addition to living within this common framework, each group will create its own Covenant during its first few meetings together.

  1. Purpose: Each group is built around Christ-centered faith conversations meant to deepen spiritual life. This purpose grounds all small groups as we live as the Body of Christ together.
  2. Commitment: Groups commit to meet together regularly for support and to build relationships.  Groups make a covenant for how they will participate together in their small group. Members of each group decide the minimum time commitment length.
  3. Support: Small Group leaders are participants in a Leadership Small Group which will meet at least monthly for mutual support. Each leader will also meet every six months with a pastor for support and visioning for their small group.
  4. Size: Groups will have up to ten participants. When committed participation in a group exceeds ten, the group members will meet and decide how to divide into two groups.
  5. Spirit: Groups will live into the life of the Holy Spirit. As living entities, they will not be static, but breathing, changing, adapting, and growing as situations shift.  This is lived out in the willingness to invite new members, divide groups when they become large, and continue leaders’ their own growth.

If you would like more information about  Small Groups, including how and why these ground rules were chosen, please contact Pastor Will Johnson for more information and to sign up.