Milestone Ministry

Together in Faith: Milestone Ministry

Together in Faith is…a time for parents and children, from age three to grade five, to share the Sunday School Hour two or three times a year.

It connects families around the basics of Faith: Bible, Prayer, and Worship. It builds each year to nurture living, growing faith in our children.

Together in Faith is…an experience that draws parents and children close to each other in their faith and encourages them to make time for faith activities at home.  It is also a time to prepare children for leadership roles in worship that correspond with their current learning and skills.

If you have questions about our Milestone Ministries or need access to the zoom link please contact Pastor Kathy.

Three and Four Year Olds with Parents: “The Keys to the Kingdom”

  • November 7 & November 14

Kindergartners and First Graders with Parents: “The Ten Commandments”

  • February 13, February 20 & February 27             

Second Graders with Parents: “First Communion”  

  • April 3 – 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
  • Cross of Christ celebrates an open table for the sacrament of Holy Communion. Everyone is welcome at the Lord’s Table, including children. We believe that this is a family decision as to when a child is ready to take their first communion. To help families with that decision we provide first communion class instruction to students in 2nd grade and for older youth and families who would like to and have not yet received first communion instruction.  Whether they have already taken communion or not, this is a chance for them to appreciate and understand more deeply the mystery of Holy Communion.  Our First Communion Celebration will be during the Maundy Thursday worship service on April 14. 

Third Graders with Parents: “Opening the Bible”  

  • January 9, January 16 & January 23   
  • This class will be a time of serious fun. Through work and play, we’ll discover not only how to find our way around the Bible, but how to make reading the Bible a vibrant part of our daily lives.

Fourth and Fifth Graders with Parents: “Kids and Money” 

  • September 26, October 3 & October 10