Class Time

Confirmation Lesson Nights

Each lesson night focuses on a specific topic.  In 2019-2020, our main focus is Vocation in the Church, centering our learning around the different parts and themes in the Lord’s Prayer.  The topics for this year can be found in the Confirmation Handbook.

Students learn better when they are having fun and have a variety of activities that interconnect.  Students are engaged in learning through lecture, large and small group discussions, videos, games and activities.  All of these things work together to connect the lesson in different ways.  Activities and games are not wasted time, but are tailored to the lesson for maximum relational application of ideas.

Lessons do not stand alone, but build on each other from week to week.   Lessons are also not meant to stand alone at church.  Take home materials are given out for students to discuss with and teach one family member what they learned at Confirmation.  Teaching others is one of the best ways to solidify learning.

Cross-Generational Service Nights

One Wednesday each month (September, October, November, January, February) the Confirmation students (and all others who are present for Wednesday Connect dinner and worship) will engage in a cross-generational service project.  These service projects help the local community and teach us about the needs around us. These nights also are a reminder of how Jesus first served us, and calls us out to live our lives in service for other people.