The expectations for the confirmation program are guidelines for behavior and participation in this ministry.

* Youth need to be present for confirmation lessons and worship.
* Youth are responsible for making up missed lessons for confirmation.  Make – Up Work can be found HERE.
*Attend Affirmation of Baptism service for the 9th Grade Class – Reformation Sunday (Last Sunday in October)
* Be prepared for class with Bible, Small Catechism, a writing utensil, and a great attitude.

Cell Phone Usage
* Youth
: We expect that electronics and mobile devices are off during confirmation and youth activities.
Parents:  Please refrain from calling your youth unless there is an emergency

Respect yourself and others by:
* Listening during the large and small group times.
* Participating in discussions.
* Allowing others to learn.
* Respecting church materials and supplies

MentoringYouth will participate in six mentoring during the Season of Lent

Worship Notes:
* 15 worship notes per year, 45 worship notes total
* Worship notes will be carried over year to year.  This is a running tally over 3 years of confirmation.
*A student can have 5 extra worship notes per year that will be counted towards your next year’s total.
Tw0 for One Sunday  will be October 30, 2022
* Parent must review and sign each worship not form

Church Visits:
* Attend two church visits per year
* This will be your choice what church you would like to visit, but at least one has to be a non-Lutheran service
* You may attend online or in person
* Youth must fill out and turn in a worship form to receive credit


  1. Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp Fall Confirmation Retreat is a weekend of fun and learning with an interactive study by a great speaker. We’ll spend time in fellowship and learning with the extraordinary RTLC staff doing crafts, team-building activities, outdoor activities such as hiking or sledding, fun games and camp songs and worship in God’s beautiful creation. The retreat is held in October.  Scholarships are available.
  2. Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp Confirmation Week. During this week long program youth will get their first chance at the ropes course, white water raft the Arkansas River, and climb Eagle Peak. They will experience Bible Study, Games, Arts and Crafts, & Archery! All this while hanging out with youth their own age and very cool counselors. The Confirmation week Cross of Christ attends is the last week in June.  There are other weeks available if that week does not fit your schedule.  Scholarships are available.

Youth are encouraged to attend Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp summer Confirmation week at least once during their three years in confirmation.