The purpose of mentoring is to develop meaningful relationships between adults and youth, where both youth and adults can grow and learn spiritually from each other. This is a one-on-one time for developing this relationship.

The mentor and youth sessions are designed to give students another adult in their life who will pray for them, and share in their faith development.  The more caring adults a youth has in their life, the more resilient they will be, and the more safe places they can look for advice and life experiences.

Mentoring Information 2021

2021 6th Grade & First Time Mentor Agreement Form

2021 7th & 8th Grade Returning Mentor Agreement Form

Sample Mentoring Sheet 2021

Background Check Release Form

2021 – Mentor Sessions

Mentor Orientation 2021

2021 Session #1 – Getting to Know Each Other

2021 Session #2 – God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

2021 Session #3 – Faith

2021 Session #4 – Purpose

2021 Session #5 – Church

2021 Session #6 – Service