High School Senior


To be eligible for the ELCA Matching College Scholarship a student must be enrolled full time to an ELCA College. After collecting all applications funds will be distributed equally among the students.  Funds will be given for 4 years. The student will need to reapply after the Est. Graduation Year.

ELCA Matching Scholarship Form 

CCLC has a designated amount for ELCA College Scholarship funds. Depending on how many students at CCLC apply for the ELCA Matching College Scholarship Fund will depend on the amount we are able to give to each student. Minimum amount will be around $250 Maximum amount will be around $500.

As you fill out this form know each ELCA school had a different max amount they will match for this scholarship. Check with your school and talk with Pastor Kathy on what that max amount is. 



The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) supports many excellent colleges across the United States. If you are interested in going to an ELCA College next year check out all the colleges at this website: