Class Time / Community Nights

Large Group / Small Group (weeks 1 & 3)

Each confirmation session on the first and third weeks of the month will be divided into a large group and a small group session.  During large group, one of the staff teaches the main lesson to the entire class. This is done through PowerPoint, discussion, multimedia presentations, and interactive games.

The small group time is designed to give youth a chance to discuss how the topic applies to their life and how it shapes their faith. Youth are divided into small groups (by age and gender) and are led by one or two of our adult small group guide

Community Night (weeks 2 & 4)

The second and fourth Wednesdays of each month will be dedicated to actively building our community of youth through a rotation between fun team-building, activities and games, art projects and installations, and service projects.  This component of our confirmation curriculum is designed to get our youth integrated into the community of faith through hands-on activities.  These lessons will build upon the main lesson from the week before.


Community nights are led by our Director of Youth Ministry, Jen Pulscher