Statement of Purpose

The confirmation journey is an intentional time set aside during a young person’s life for them to learn about, think about, and make the Christian faith their own. In our congregation, we involve young people in this program during their 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years, with their Affirmation of Baptism taking place in the fall of 9th grade.

When babies or children are brought to be baptized, parents and sponsors make faith promises for them.

“You are entrusted with responsibilities: to live with them among God’s faithful people, bring them to the word of God and the holy supper, teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments, place in their hands the holy scriptures, and nurture them in faith and prayer, so that they may learn to trust God, proclaim Christ through word and deed, care for others and the world God made, and work for justice and peace.”
– Evangelical Lutheran Worship, pg 228
Service of Holy Baptism

In the confirmation program, young people learn about what it means to be a Lutheran Christian, and on Confirmation Sunday affirm those baptismal promises for themselves, saying “In faith, I turn to Christ.”

At Cross of Christ, the confirmation program is a time to learn, grow, and feel a part of this Christian community with other youth and adults. It is NOT a journey toward a “graduation,” but another step on the life-long journey of faith that extends from birth to death. We want to partner with parents during these years as you guide your child in developing a stronger relationship with Christ.