Soli Dei Choir

music_soli_dei1-275x206Soli Dei Choir is Cross of Christ’s adult and youth choir that leads in our traditional worship services each week. Soli Dei also participates in special services and music programs throughout the year. The choir sings music in a variety of styles from many time periods and cultures. The choir is open to adults and youth (6th grade and up) with no audition necessary. The choir typically sings from September through May with the summer months off. There is an open invitation to join the choir all season.

“Soli Dei” is a Latin phrase which means “to God alone” most notably found in the phrase “Soli Deo gloria” (Glory to God alone). This phrase is one of the five solas which summarized Protestant Christianity’s basic beliefs during the Protestant Reformation.


music_soli_dei2-275x206Please contact our Minister of Music, Andrew Halladay if you would like to know more about our music ministry