Serve Our Congregation

Serve Our Congregation

Help with Online Worship!

Each week, we need individuals or families that can read the scripture and prayers during our worship service.  A computer with access to Zoom is required. In order to avoid technical issues on Sunday mornings, we have been recording our services the Saturday before. We hope this will help ease any nervousness you may feel. If you are hesitant to sign up, here are two important things to remember –

1) Just as you appreciate seeing others from Cross of Christ each week, our congregation will also be happy to see you!

2) We are a congregation filled with Grace and Love! So, take a breath, smile, and know that we are thankful for your ministry!

Use the link below to sign up for a specific Sunday. We will add more dates as needed until we are able to worship in person again.  Pastor Kathy or Pastor Will will contact you before your Sunday with more specific details and to make sure you are set up to use Zoom.

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