Frequently Asked Questions

Cross of Christ Music Academy

    1. Where are lessons?
      Lessons are held at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, in various rooms in the building. We do not currently offer in-home lessons. The church’s street address is:
      Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
      12099 Lowell Boulevard
      Broomfield, Colorado 80020
    2. How often are lessons?
      Lessons are held at a regularly scheduled weekly time with the teacher. (For example, John Daker takes lessons from Andrew 4:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.) We follow the major breaks of the Adams 12 academic calendar, but otherwise lessons are held weekly for an indefinite amount of time.
    3. How long is a term or semester?
      We do not currently follow a semester or term system. Weekly lessons are held for an indefinite amount of time, and tuition is due monthly.
    4. What instruments do you offer lessons for?
      CCMA currently offers private lessons for piano, guitar, voice, saxophone, and drums/percussion.
    5. What styles of music to do you teach?
      CCMA teachers are versatile musicians who are able to teach in a variety of styles. For beginners, teachers will focus on the basics that will relate to any style of music. As students progress, teachers will tailor lessons to fit the needs and interests of their individual students.
    6. Is there an age limit for students?
      CCMA offers lessons to children and adults from age six and up. If you are interested in lessons for a student younger than six years old, please contact the administration for more information.
    1. What does tuition cost?
      These are the current per-lesson tuition rates:
      30 minute: $30
      45 minute: $43
      60 minute: $55
      We also have a needs-based scholarship program. Please contact the administration for more information and to apply.
    2. When is tuition due?
      Tuition is due at the first lesson of the month for the whole month. We have a one week grace period. Afterwards, a late fee may be incurred.
    3. How do I pay?
      We currently only accept checks for payment at this time.
      Please make checks out to:
      Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
      and put CCMA in the check’s memo. Please leave checks with Andrew Halladay, or in Andrew’s office mailbox. Teachers are not responsible for collecting tuition.
    4. Do I have to pay for cancelled lessons?
      We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a lesson with 24 or more hours notice, you will receive a credit for the following month’s tuition. We do not issue refunds. Lessons cancelled by the teacher are always credited to your account.
    1. What curriculum do you use?
      Each teacher is responsible for their own teaching curriculum and methods. For piano, we generally use Faber & Faber’s Piano Adventures, but that may vary by teacher.
    2. Where do I get my lesson materials?
      CCMA has some books and supplies on hand for purchase. Your teacher will be able to tell you if you need to order something outside of our inventory.
    3. Do you rent instruments?
      CCMA currently has a few guitars and keyboards that we are able to rent to students.