Broomfield Detention Center Worship

This outreach ministry is headed by Tim Jacobsen and Juli Szabo. On the 2nd Sunday of each month, volunteers meet at Cross of Christ at 2pm. We typically carpool but you may drive yourself if you prefer. The dress code is casual but no jeans or clothing with holes, no large ear rings or hair clips or pins.

Services for men and women are conducted at the same time in separate rooms. Men may volunteer for either service however women volunteers are prohibited from participating in the men’s service. We only use first names. Volunteers may participate as part of the congregation or take an active part leading responsive prayers, scripture readings, leading singing, and helping lead the bible study discussion.

The inmates have a definite need for this. They look forward to our services and come prepared with their Bibles. Our services give the inmates hope for a better future.  They learn that God loves them and will never fail them.  They have the desire to worship and pray to God, believing that He alone can grant them strength to overcome life’s obstacles.  The inmates always show their appreciation and thank us for spending time with them. We close the service with Prayers of the People.  This usually involves them praying for their families and friends.  They are truly relieved that God is looking after their loved ones when they cannot be there.

Volunteers must provide their date of birth, address, and phone number for a background check.

Please contact the Congregational Life Coordinator if you would like information or have questions.