Virtual Choir and Band Instructions

Things you will need:

  • Preferably, an iPhone/iPad with Apple earbuds. Android equivalent is also okay. You will also need to get the Mideo App.
  • Alternatively, a laptop computer with a decent webcam. Earbuds with a microphone or a headset with a microphone should also suffice. (If you have nicer equipment, please use it!)

IMPORTANT: Please use the same device to play and record audio. For households that have multiple musicians, please record one at a time.

Using an iPhone or iPad

  • Get setup where you plan to record.
    • Sit or stand
    • Quiet, non-reverberant, well-lit space where the backlighting is LESS than the light in front of you. (standing in front of a northern-exposed window in the day time is perfect.)
    • Camera as close to eye level as possible. Instrumentalists, we would like to see your instrument, too.
  • You’ll be using your front-facing (selfie) camera. Make sure you don’t have any dirt, fingerprints, etc. on it.
  • Plug in your earbuds/headset.
  • Go to to play or download recording(s) you plan to use.
  • Start playing the track you plan to record along with
  • Open the Mideo app
    • If you haven’t previously set the settings before:
      • Tap “cancel” after it opens up
      • You should see the settings screen. Choose:
        • Video Quality: High
        • Default Orientation: Front
        • Default Flash: Off
        • Below that, you’re see “Storage.” Just make sure it says you have at least 5 minutes of storage to use to record your video.
      • Then hit “Start Recording”
    • Otherwise, you should already be in the camera mode ready to record
    • Click the red record circle to start recording your video. Good luck!
  • While recording
    • Sing/play out, sing/play strong, sing/play musically (maybe warm up before hand).
    • Look into the camera as much as possible (not your screen but the actual lens that sits above)
    • Try to turn pages quietly.
    • When your are done, hit stop.
  • After recording
    • You can play your video to review it. You are welcome to retake if you need. Don’t be too critical!
    • When you are satisfied, click “Use Video.” The video will go into your “Photos” library.
    • Find it in your Photos library, and share it. (Click the box with an up arrow on it.)
    • Try to send it to me via iMessages.
    • If that fails, try to email it to me.
    • If that fails we’ll have to use Google Drive. See instructions below.
  • Once you send the video and I get them, the ball is in my court and your part is done!

Using a laptop with a webcam (PC or Mac)
Much of this will be the same as above. You will not use Mideo though, and will have to use a different application to record video. Differences below. Please still use earbuds/headset. Please avoid using your computer’s built in microphone. This has not turned out well in the past.

  • Open up the camera application (Windows) or QuickTime Player (Mac) and start a new video/movie recording
  • Switch over to a web browser and open up
  • Start playing the track you plan to record along with.
  • Switch over to your video recording application
  • Click the record circle to start recording your video
  • When your are done, hit stop.
  • When you are satisfied save the video. The Camera App will automatically save the video in your “Photos” folder on your computer (Windows). For QuickTime Player (Mac), save the file from the “File” menu and save it where you wish.
  • Try to email it to me. (Apple Mail and Gmail have ways of assisting you to send larger files. Others might too, I’m not sure.) If that fails we’ll have to use Google Drive. See instructions below.
Sending Videos via Google Drive from your Phone
(These instructions are for iPhone running the latest iOS but the process should be very similar for previous iOS versions, and for Android phones)
Video guide here
  • If I have already shared the “Choir Video Deposit Box” folder with you in the past, you can skip to the How to Upload section of these instructions.
  • You will need to have a Google account. Create one if you don’t already have one.
  • You will need to download the Google Drive app from the App Store if you don’t already have it.
  • Open the app and sign in.
  • Text/email me your Google account name (usually your email address). I will share a folder with you to drop your videos into.
  • Once the folder is shared with you, you will need to add it to your Drive:
    • In the Google Drive app, click the “Shared” button on the bottom row of icons (looks like two people not social distancing properly)
    • Look for “Choir Videos Deposit Box” and then look for three dots on the right side of that folder’s name. Click those three dots.
    • Scroll down that popup menu, and tap “Add shortcut to Drive.”
    • A new popup titled “Shortcut Location” pops up. Click on “My Drive” at the top of the list.
    • Then click “Add” at the bottom right corner. (If you’d rather this folder shortcut be moved to a different sub-folder, that is fine and won’t effect being able to send it to me.)
    • Close the Google Drive app and go back to your phone’s home screen
  • How to Upload
    • Find the video in your Photos library on your phone.
    • Share the video (click the square with an up arrow) and scroll over to find Google Drive or it might be called just “Drive” with a green/yellow/blue triangle icon. Tap on it.
    • Choose your account (if prompted)
    • At the top of the next screen should be the name of your video file. At the bottom is a short list. Tap on “My Drive.”
    • Find “Choir Videos Deposit Box” shortcut and tap it.
    • On the bottom of the screen find “Save here” and tap on it.
    • Your not done yet! Now you’re back at the screen with the name of your video file at the top. Tap on “Upload” just above that.
    • This will take some time. Just be patience as you watch the progress bar. Once it’s done uploading, it should just close itself, and it should be finished!
Sending Videos via Google Drive from your computer
  • You will need to have a Google account. Create one if you don’t already have one.
  • In a web browser, sign in to your Google account (from Gmail or Google Drive, etc.)
  • Open the Choir Videos Deposit Box folder
  • Put your video in the Choir Videos Deposit Box folder one of two ways:
    • From a window on your desktop, you can drag the file into the browser screen and it will start the upload
    • Alternatively, on the top left of the Google drive screen, find the “New” button next to a very colorful plus sign; click on it
      • Find “File upload” in the popup menu, and click on it.
      • Browse your filesystem to find your video file on your computer.
      • Once you find it and click “Choose” or “Okay” or whatever it says, it should begin the upload
    • Keep this page open until the upload finishes. You should see a progress bar at the bottom right side of the window.
  • Once it finishes uploading, you are done!