Children’s Church Volunteer Description

9:00 am service only

Thank you so much for volunteering at Cross of Christ!  We could not be a successful, influential, loving congregation without your commitment and involvement.

As a Children’s Church volunteer you directly influencing the children of Cross of Christ Lutheran Church.  You are teaching them God’s love and helping them grow in their faith.

Please read through the following responsibilities:


  • After the Children’s Sermon Prayer (Be at the front Sanctuary doors)
  • Lead the children out of the sanctuary and into the North Side of the Fellowship hall
  • Tell the story again
    • Any one of the lessons from that day (Old, New, Gospel)
    • Scriptures lessons for each Sunday will be sent to you
    • Children’s Bible – Picture Bible (Spark Bible in the box is the Best)
  • Activity that corresponds with one of the lessons (Plan for about 10 -12 minutes)
    • Act out the story
    • Short song
    • Short game
    • Coloring handout
    • Craft  (will be reimbursed)
  • Ushers will come and get you after the sermon
  • Line kids up and enter during the hymn of the day

Tips and Reminders

*Children’s Church Bucket and Crayon Box under Mailboxes

* Remind children that they are entering worship that this is God’s house and we need to be very quiet

* Make sure all kids find their parents.


Curriculum Ideas:

  • Webpage:   (links: Calvary Chapel, Children’s Activity Sheets)
  • There is a Spark Bible to use as well.
  • We have a puppet – Princess Spaghettihair (good for retelling the story)


Expectations of Leaders & Helpers

  • Helpers
    • Check in with Leader before church.
    • Assist Leader in leading children in / out of Sanctuary (bring up the rear).
    • Take children to the bathroom or back to parents if needed.
    • Assist Leader in leading the activities – or whatever they may need.
    • Wrangle them back into the sanctuary – make sure everyone found their parent.
  • Leaders
    • Plan the time together.
    • Make copies (copier in office needs a code, see staff member).
    • Set up supplies you need.
    • Lead children in / out of Sanctuary.
    • Make sure curtain is pulled (Fellowship is still going on).
    • See Pastor Kathy before worship, so she is aware you are here.

Thank you for your ministry!