Prayer Reader Volunteer Description

Thank you so much for volunteering at Cross of Christ!  We could not be a successful, influential, loving congregation without your commitment and involvement.

As a Prayer Reader you are helping lead worship and distributing the Eucharist to the congregation of Cross of Christ Lutheran Church.  You will receive a letter the week before your Sunday which will include the prayers you will need for Sunday.  Please take some time to read over the prayers and if you have any questions ask the pastor before the service.

Prayer Reader Volunteer Job Description for the 10:45 am (summer schedule) or 11:15 am service

Please read through the following responsibilities:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the service.
  • No robe needed for this service
  • Check with the pastors for any changes
  • Please sit at the front of the sanctuary in the chairs near the pastors as the service begins or if you would like sit with your family close to the front of the church.
  • At the end of the 2nd Song, go up to the podium and lead the Opening Prayer and Prayer of the Day.  Afterward, invite the congregation to be seated.
    • The prayer will be sent to you during the week before your Sunday.
  • Unless there is another scripture reader, you will follow by reading the Lesson and Scripture Dialogue. At the end of the Dialogue, please ask the congregation to stand for the Gospel and return to your seat.
    •  These will be sent to you during the week before your Sunday.
  • During the song after the sermon, the congregation will move together to hold hands during the prayers.  Please come to the podium and lead the Prayer of the People.
    • In the prayer petition, where indicated, you will need to insert the first names of those who are ill or in need and those serving in the military. Those names are found in the bulletin underneath the “Prayers of the People
    • The prayers will be sent to you during the week before your Sunday.
  • Communion
    • When the Praise Team comes behind the altar to receive Communion, please join them. Then follow the pastors to the front of the altar to help distribute either the bread or the wine. At this service we always need you to help with distributing Communion.
    • See *Communion Assistant Instructions*
  • When the Communion is finished and the pastor has given the Blessing, please read the Leader part of the Sending liturgy which will be shown on the screen.

Special Notes:

  • Gluten-free wafers: These are always available at both stations. If you are distributing bread and someone asks for one, pick up the whole basket and let them get the wafer themselves. Some people are so sensitive to wheat that if your hand has already been touching the regular bread, the gluten-free wafer gets contaminated.
  • Be careful of “your” and “our”: these two little words are often part of all the prayers. When you accidentally substitute one for the other, it can change the meaning of the prayer. For instance: “Through Jesus Christ, our son” vs. “your son”
  • Don’t be afraid to slow down your speaking, even when the service is running long.

 Thank you for your volunteering and ministry!