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Breeze Basics

What is Breeze? It is a database that contains information for all members and active visitors of Cross of Christ.

How long has Cross of Christ been using Breeze? The church staff began using the database in October of 2019. It replaced our previous member database, which was outdated and only accessible by one person. Breeze was introduced to the congregation in November of 2019.

Who can use Breeze? Members, active visitors (that have registered with us), and the staff of Cross of Christ. It can not be accessed by anyone who does not already have their information registered with Cross of Christ.

What information is stored in Breeze? All of the data stored in Breeze was given to us by you. It includes contact information, demographic information, membership information, important dates like your birthday or baptism date, connections between you and other members of your household, and your giving information. It also includes a picture, if you have uploaded one.

Can everyone see my personal information on Breeze? Rest assured, we do not share your personal information with others. One of the great things about Breeze is that it allows different levels of access to different groups of people.

  • Our Financial Secretary, Nikki, has full access to the information on Breeze. This allows her to help you with questions about your giving.
  • The Pastors, program staff, and office staff at Cross of Christ have access to member’s and visitor’s other information, except your giving information.
  • Members and active visitors have access to their own personal information, including their giving information. They can also see the contact information and pictures listed for all other members & active visitors UNLESS someone has decided to “opt-out” of the directory.

I don’t have a Breeze account, how can I set one up? You can set up an account using this link: https://cross-of-christ/breeze. You can find a video overview on setting up your account HERE. Please note that this video mentions setting up online giving through Breeze. While you can view your giving history on Breeze, we currently use a different system for online giving. Please click HERE to set up online giving through Give Plus.

Can I access Breeze from my SmartPhone? Yes, you can! Look for the Android or ios app in the app store on your phone. The Breeze app is free to download and has an icon like the one pictured right. After downloading the app, you will be prompted for our church ID. Please enter cross-of-christ (please make sure you include the hyphens).

Who can I contact with questions about setting up or accessing my Breeze account? Please contact our Congregational Life Coordinator, Krista, with any questions.


Four Things We Want You to Know About Breeze

  1. If you have not set up a Breeze account, please do so now!  Information and a link to set up an account can be found above.
  2. We would also appreciate it if everyone can upload a picture to Breeze!
  3. Your picture and contact information are available in an online directory. We will also print out directories and can email a PDF of the directory when requested.
  4. If you would like to keep some or all of your contact information and/or picture from being included in the directory, you can do that while editing your account information.
    1. To exclude all of your contact information, click on the “opt-out” box in the Contact section.
    2. To exclude part of your information (only your address or phone number for example), click the  “show more options” link below the specific contact information, then the “make private” box.
    3. If you would like to keep your picture from being included, please email Krista Craft at