Confirmation Curriculum and Format

Confirmation Curriculum

Our confirmation curriculum is a three year rotation.  It is based on the Small Catechism (Apostles’ Creed, Ten Commandments, and Lord’s Prayer), the Lutheran Sacraments (Holy Baptism and Holy Communion), Lutheran Church History, and the Bible (Old and New Testament)

2022 – 2023   Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, and Lutheran Church History
2023 – 2024   Ten Commandments and Apostles’ Creed
2024 – 2025   Bible: Old & New Testament

Confirmation Night Format
Wednesday Nights from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

The weekly confirmation program is made up of a mixture of large group lessons, small group discussions and activities, and hands on learning through games, service, and creative projects.  We are going to try to meet in person as much as possible as a large part of ministry is being together, but we also know things change quickly in today’s world and meeting in person may not always possible for all families.  So there will be individual learning plans available.

Each confirmation session will be divided into a large group and a small group session.  During large group, one of the staff teaches the main lesson to the entire class. This is done through PowerPoint, discussion, multi-media presentations, and games.

The small group time is designed to give youth a chance to discuss how the topic applies to their life and how it shapes their faith. Youth are divided into small groups and are led by one or two of our adult small group guides.

We will also have opportunities for fun team-building activities and service projects.