Youth will be for making up missed lessons for confirmation. This year the youth will make up their lessons by filling out a makeup lesson sheet. Once they are available, you may download those sheets by clicking on the date(s) below that you missed. Please print them out, complete them with your parents, and turn them into the worship note folder by the kitch with a parent signature.

2022 – 2023 (Lord’s Prayer, Sacraments, and the Reformation)

October 5: The Greatest Prayer
Greatest Prayer – Student Make Up

October 12: Our Father in Heaven
Our Father – Student Make Up

October 19: Hallowed by Thy Name
Holy Name – Student Make Up

October 26: The Kingdom of God
God’s Kingdom – Student Make Up

November 2: God’s Will be Done
God’s Will – Student Make Up

November 9: Give us THIS Day our Daily Bread – Hunger Meal
Daily Bread – Student Make Up

November 16: Forgiveness
Forgive Us Student Make Up


November 30: Temptation and Trial
Temptation – Student Make Up Work

December 7: Deliverance/ Conclusion

December 14: Lord’s Prayer Review – No Make Up Work


January 4: Lutheran Sacraments

January 11 NO CLASS

January 18: Holy Communion

January 25 Holy Communion

February 1 Holy Baptism

February 8 Holy Baptism

February 15  Review / Make Up Night – No Make Up Work

February 22 Ash Wednesday – No Class


April 5  Seder Meal – 8th Grades / Parents

April 12 Luther and the Reformation

April 19 Luther and the Reformation

April 26: End of the Year Celebration – No Make Up Work


2021 – 2022 (Old and New Testament)

October 6:  Introduction to the Bible and the Old Testament
Intro to Bible Old Testament – Make Up Work

October 13:  Abraham’s Journey
Abraham Make-Up Work

October 20: Joseph and his Brothers
Joseph – Make Up Work

October 27: Review
Confirmation Review Night Student Make Up Work

November 3: Moses
Moses Make-Up Work

November 10: Judges and that Lady Ruth
Judges and Ruth Make-Up Work

November 17: The Kings
Kings of Israel – Make Up Work

November 24: Break

December 1:  Psalms
Psalm – Make Up Work

December 8: Prophets
Prophets Make Up Work

December 15: Old Testament Review
No Make Up Work For This Class

Winter Break

January 5
No Make Up Work (Weather Cancellation)

January 12: Mary and Joseph
See January 26 For Make Up Work

January 19
No Make Up Work (Weather Cancellation)

January 26: Mary and Joseph Continued
New Testment & Mary Jospeh – Make Up Work

February 2
No Make Up Work (Weather Cancellation)

February 9: John the Baptist and Jesus’ Early Years
John The Baptist and Jesus Early Years Make Up Work

February 16:
No Make Up Work (Weather Cancellation)

February 23: Disciples, Parables, and Miracles
Disciples, Parables, and Miracles Make Up Work

Lenten Mentoring & Worship (No Class)
(March 2 – April 17)

April 20: Passion Story & Resurrection
Passion and Resurrection Make Up Work

April 27: Pentecost & the Early Church
Paul and the Early Church Make Up Work

May 4:  End of Year / Closing Celebration
No Make Up Work