Communion Assistant Volunteer Description

Thank you so much for volunteering at Cross of Christ!  We could not be a successful, influential, loving congregation without your commitment and involvement.

As a Communion Assistant you are distributing the Eucharist to the congregation of Cross of Christ Lutheran Church.  Please read through the following responsibilities:

  • As the congregation sings the Lamb of God, or as the Praise Team goes up to receive the Eucharist,
    • Come up behind the altar
    • Receive Communion
  • After receiving Communion
    • The Pastor will hand you either a tray of wine/juice or the bread
  • Please go to stand where the pastor(s) or others advise
    • A side aisle or center aisle
    • On the step of the platform or on the floor
    • On either side of the Pastor or in the middle
  • Bread
    • Tear off a small piece of bread and give it to each person
    • Say “The Body of Christ, given for you
    • If the person request gluten free wafers, distribute same as above
    • If a child comes forward who doesn’t commune, place your hand on their head and give a blessing like “Jesus loves you,” or “God bless you today.”
  • Wine/Juice
    • Hold tray so each person can select their own wine/juice
    • Say “The Blood of Christ, shed for you
    • Empty glasses should be placed in the baskets provided by each person
    • An altar guild member will give you another full tray when/if yours is running low.
  • After the congregation has communed
    • The pastor may ask you to follow them in order to commune someone who can’t come forward to the altar
    • Place the tray back on the altar or give it to an altar guild member
    • Place bread back on the plate on the altar
    • Then, return to your seat in the congregation.

Thanks for your ministry!